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Al_mostakbl Al-wfaq Constriction
ECE Egabat1 Egabat2
Egabat3 Egabat4 Egabat5
Ejabat6 Eman_i_g FOM
Hospital English_school Kitchen
Maher_site Jordan_Education Sound
Virtual Lab Maya  

The world now has wide evolution in the internet filed and Information Technology ( I T ) and its entire branches such as Graphic design for sites and the multimedia like inserting sound and animation, all these together inter in making the site to seem as a complete nice picture.

About the contents of these web pages that will make it more interactive with the users especially if this content was real programming uses one of programming languages such as ASP, PHP, XML and GFML, and there are more than one of examples for these pages such as Emails, Chatting, Shopping and registration as well as all electronically activities on the web that increase the interactive between users and web.

All web design companies have a good luck that they executed and continuous all these projects even some of them become have global glory, so all those work in the web are professionals to analysis all ideas about the sites that will designed.

Our company (Hilal net) one of these companies that add and introduce to web some of Arabic and English sites and we hope to be great company in the future. For more information about webs features you can find out in our site click  Understanding design and technology

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