This  department includes so many programs in different languages , These languages are programmed by programmers with high efficiency in different specialties which enables them to performs the roles assigned to them whether in the general or specific programs , and according to the requirements of the concerned party .

Below are some of these programs that deals with different aspects:

 Programs of Finance Management and Money Transfer.
 Programs  of Management and Accounting.
 The Simple in Accounting.
 Stores Management.
 Accounting in Gold Workshop.
 General Programs
 Programs of Hairdressing.
 Programs of Doctor.
 Programs of Detecting & analyzing of Character.
 Quran Statistics Programs.
 Advisor of Natural Herbs Programs.
 And these programs were programmed and analyzing by several programmers are:
 Eng. Hilal A.Hussain.
 Ali Naeem A.Samed
 Falih H. Al-Bhadli
 Tala Bni Hani



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